A Wildlife Man Film Expedition Nepal

A Wildlife Man Film Expedition.   The Great Barrier Reef, Seal Rocks NSW, Kangaroo Island and the Poor Knights NZ are just some of the destinations that I have been fortunate to travel as a cameraman with David Ireland, Australia’s Wildlife Man. The Wildlife Man series has been shown world-wide and on Discovery Channel. David

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A Wildlife Encounter on a Jungle Walk

I have started this blog to encourage and inspire more people to get outside… and for those of you that already do get outside you may get some insight into destinations that match the elements that you want to include in your next trip. When you find that destination and it works it usually is

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A Paradise Where Time Stands Still

As the trail narrowed I felt like I was entering into an ancient world where time had stood still – exotic and captivating. The canopies of the palms were mesmerising, almost hypnotic. The track at times almost disappeared as it blended into the dried bed of palm fronds. The crackling sound of dead leaves under

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Step Outside…to connect to our natural world

“Regularly experiencing the outdoors will foster a kinship with nature which is good for the soul “ I will provide information on a diversity of experiences about nature that can be enjoyed by many. From mild to wild adventures…the opportunities are endless. Walks Islands Mountains Beaches Rivers Wildlife….. Being a scuba diving instructor for many

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travel review

I’ve been picking up a lot of random books in bookstores lately. This can often be hit or miss. I can’t count the times I’ve picked up books only to go “Well, that was terrible.” However, this current stretch has produced some wonderful books and, since it’s been a while since I’ve done a best-books

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